Return Policy for RO Systems International

At RO Systems International, we are committed to providing high-quality custom software development and IT support services. While we do not offer monetary refunds, we stand behind the quality of our work and offer a 3-month warranty against development defects. Please review the details of our return policy below:

Warranty Coverage
We offer a 6-month warranty period from the date of project completion for all custom software development projects and IT support services. This warranty covers defects in the development of the software or IT solutions provided by RO Systems International.

To be eligible for warranty coverage, the following conditions must be met:

The client has not made any unauthorized edits or modifications to the source code or software provided by RO Systems International.
The defect reported is not the result of third-party software, hardware, or any external factors not under our control.
The defect must be reported to RO Systems International within the warranty period.

How to Report a Defect
If you believe you have encountered a defect covered by our warranty, please follow these steps:

Contact our customer support team at with a detailed description of the issue.
Our team will review the reported defect and work to verify whether it falls within the scope of our warranty.

If the reported defect is confirmed and falls within the warranty coverage, RO Systems International will take the necessary steps to address and resolve the issue promptly. This may include bug fixes, updates, or patches to rectify the problem.


Please note that our warranty does not cover the following:

Issues arising from unauthorized source code modifications by the client.
Problems caused by third-party software, hardware, or external factors beyond our control.
General software updates, improvements, or feature additions that are not considered defects.
Issues reported after the 3-month warranty period has expired.

Contact Us
If you have any questions or need further clarification regarding our return policy and warranty, please feel free to contact us at

By engaging with RO Systems International for our services, you agree to abide by this return policy and warranty coverage.

Note: This return policy is subject to change, and any updates or modifications will be posted on our website.

Thank you for choosing RO Systems International for your software development and IT support needs. We look forward to serving you with excellence.