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A Unique Verification Method Suggested As The Ultimate Security Solutions for Cyberthreats and Metaverse Protection

A Unique Verification Method Suggested As The Ultimate Security Solutions for Cyberthreats and Metaverse Protection

Metaverse is a highly evolving technology that has taken the world by storm. Cyber Threats and security issues are one of the most vastly discussed problems in the Metaverse, which cause a client to constantly feel that something might be lost or taken away from them. It is essential that a client feels safe and secure without having to worry about any threat that they might have to face in the blockchain universe. 

Privacy, accountability, ad feeds, reliance and authentication are some of the concerns in the Metaverse.

The lack of security is a significant issue in the Metaverse as it leaves people vulnerable to threats that may cause them damage in the form of valuable assets. People ask questions about how their valuable assets remain protected, whether hackers can hack into the system and steal their helpful information, or even whether their transactions are protected in any way. 

Searching for an expert and certified opinion, we found very few experts in this critical and highly demanded area today. Among the outstanding experts in this area, we consulted RO Systems International, a Florida-based company with more than 15 years of experience developing web applications and providing cybersecurity solutions, currently helping many big tech firms in cybersecurity and data protection services specifically in metaverses, new technologies, and blockchain.

The founder of RO Systems International, Ramon Ortiz, who is also a Certified Ethical Hacker in addition to other important recognitions in the area, shared his expert opinions on the need for cybersecurity, especially in the context of the metaverse.  Talking to the media he said “Cyber security is one of the reasons that causes clients to stay double-minded about living in the Metaverse or making transactions in the blockchain. Hackers see this as an opportunity to release a malware attack that would steal the identity, hack the data or even threaten clients to force them into giving the hacker some valuable information or assets.”

Also, more importantly, the identity of a user is hidden, so once everything is in the hands of someone who wants to misuse it, it can lead to severe problems.

Ramon added “AI has come a long way and has its pros and cons. Hackers use AI and advanced methods to access information and points which are unique and beneficial. The virtual identity of users must be protected at all costs. So not only protection is required on the software side but also on the hardware side, like smart glasses or VR headsets.”

Ramon continues to share the solution “For the Metaverse to thrive, each server has to go through peculiar verification before allowing the user to let in their account, and all the bugs and hackers can remain at bay.“

AI has come a long way and can be used for protection and Cyber Attacks. AI will also play a critical role in securing the Metaverse. The cybersecurity tools driven by AI can be used to analyze the user’s behavior patterns across the network and detect any unusual changes in the network. Saving the best for last, decentralizing the blockchain is the most beneficial method for protecting identities and property rights. Decentralization will give users the control and power to restore identities, data & property to the rightful owners.”

Ramon Ortiz is the founder of Ro Systems International which is a Florida-based company that promotes small and large businesses through software development, data security, product design, and technological solutions.

Source: Digital Journal


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